Displaying a simple Task tree in Phabricator

How to display the children of a task in a visual tree in Phabricator's Maniphest

Posted by Thomas Barthelemy on August 19, 2015

We recently migrated our workflow to Phabricator and while it supports parent/children relations for tasks, it stills display those tasks as a list in Maniphest. The main reason is that it allows a taslto have multiple parents which is complicated to display.

We’ve come up with a simple first solution using a custom field:

final class TaskTreeCustomField extends ManiphestCustomField {

    public function getFieldKey() {
        return 'webridge:tasktree';

    public function shouldAppearInPropertyView() {
        return true;

    public function renderPropertyViewLabel() {
        return pht('Dependency Graph');

    public function renderPropertyViewValue(array $handles) {
        $task = $this->getObject();

        $edge_type = ManiphestTaskDependsOnTaskEdgeType::EDGECONST;

        $graph = id(new PhabricatorEdgeGraph())
                    '<seed>' => array($task->getPHID()),

        $nodes = $graph->getNodes();

        if (count($nodes) == 1) {
            return null;

        $phids = array_keys($nodes);
        $handles = id(new PhabricatorHandleQuery())

        return $this->drawNodes($task->getPHID(), $nodes, $handles, true);

    private function drawNodes($phid, $nodes, $handles, $is_top = false) {
        $content = array();
        if (!$is_top) {
            $content[] = phutil_tag('li', array(), $handles[$phid]->renderLink());

        foreach ($nodes[$phid] as $other) {
            $content[] = phutil_tag(
                    'style' => $is_top ? null : 'padding-left: 16px;',
                $this->drawNodes($other, $nodes, $handles));

        return phutil_tag('ul', array(), $content);


This will simply flatten the graph (which can result in duplicated entry to allow a simple tree display).

To use this custom field I would recommand to read the Advanced Custom Field part of the Phabricator Documentation. The quick summary would be to put this php file in the src/extensions/ folder of Phabricator… and that’s it.

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